ECE Clusters to use ANDREW.CMU.EDU Authentication

UPDATE: 2020.08.31 12:30 EDT – Please note that ECE accounts can still be used by connecting to


ANDREW.CMU.EDU authentication is now the default for the ECE “number cluster”, ECE-GUI cluster, HH1305 and HH1307 lab linux machines.

The default home directory will be your Andrew AFS space (/afs/$USER/).

Your ECE AFS space (/afs/$USER) still exists and can be changed into via cross realm authentication (ece / cs documentation). Cross realm authentication is available for all existing and newly created users.   Access permissions are unaffected. If an access control problem is found, login to with ECE credentials to correct it. (an example find is in the FAQ below)



CMU only provides a 2GB storage quota. How can I get more space?

  • ECE ITS can not increase Andrew AFS quotas. Use ECE space for larger data needs. Please contact ITS if you require assistance.

Where are my files, I do not see files I had in my home directory?

  • Your files haven’t been deleted or moved.  Your home directory ($HOME) is defaulting to your Andrew AFS directory (/afs/$USER) vs your ECE directory (/afs/$USER).  Your files are likely in the ECE AFS space directory.  If your programs expect to write into your home directory, create the symlink mentioned in the next paragraph.

I am getting permission denied for AFS directories?

  • You want to verify AFS tokens with the tokens command:

    • tokens

  • If you do not have tokens for the cell(s) ( ; you want, you should execute aklog with the cell:

    • aklog

    • aklog

  • To make the above command easier ~/.xlog can have the cell names

    • echo -e '\' > ~/.xlog

      • aklog

  • Kerberos tickets or AFS tokens may have expired

    • examine klist -A and tokens, and renew if needed

      • kinit && aklog

  • If these don’t solve the issue, and you believe it to be ACL related:

    • View the below item “How can I fix permission issues myself?

I would prefer to use my ECE home directory, How can I do that?

  • For ease of use, you can set this to happen automatically at login. Create a symlink which will, after the next login, cd to the directory linked upon and set $HOME to the link target. The command to cut and paste is below:

    • ln -s /afs/$USER/ /afs/$USER/.ecehomedir

      • Log out and log back into the system for the $HOME environment variable to update

    • $HOME can be updated directly in the active session with the following commands:

      • cd /afs/$USER

        export HOME=/afs/$USER

How can I fix permission issues myself?

  • SSH to with your ECE account and change them.

    • After login via ssh, run (on one line):

      • find /afs/$USER -type d -exec fs sa {} $ all \;

      • Substitute path for external project space, or group access as needed.

The SSH banner text is interfering with my program. How can I fix this?

  • Enable quiet SSH on the commandline (or in your ~/.ssh/config) using the "-q" flag: