IT Services offers several ways to ways for customers to receive alerts and stay informed. Each notification service is opt-in so customers remain in control of the communications volume.


Mailing Lists

Three Andrew mailing lists are offered that include messages from the parent list.

  • ECE-ITS-AlertsUnscheduled outages and time-sensitive information. Does not include messages from any other list.

    • ECE-ITS-MaintScheduled outages, service changes, and other technical updates. Includes ECE-ITS-Alerts messages.

    • ECE-ITS-NewsGeneral news and information. Includes ECE-ITS-Alerts and ECE-ITS-Maint messages.



ECE IT Services offers a Twitter account for alerts similar to the ECE-ITS-Alerts mailing list.  Tweets should be infrequent and will contain a link to more information. If other communications channels fail, this method will be used to send brief updates and further instructions.

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